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What the postal authorities sent back to me from Basutoland, in an official brown envelope marked ”On Her Majesty’s Service,” was a new set, one that heralded a new adventure for me in stamp collecting. Basutoland became a British High Commission Territory, and the powers of the Sotho chiefs were left relatively intact. This change in status is why Basutoland was not included in the surrounding Union of South Africa when it was formed in 1910. Instead, the Sotho nation remained under British oversight until 1966, when it became the independent BASUTOLAND - 1943 registered censored cover to South Africa used at EGYPT/104. 1943 (JUL.2.) registered cover addressed to Pretoria bearing Basutoland 1/2d, 1d, 1 1/2d, 2d (x2) and 4d adhesives making up a 1/2d rate marked 'On Active Service' and cancelled by EGYPT/104/ POSTAGE PREPAID cancels used by South African Forces. 1945 South Africa. Overprint Basutoland.

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Original Antique Print taken from the Illustrated London News: 'THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA' ' MOROSI'S STRONGHOLD IN BASUTOLAND ' Overall size of this Full Page print is approx 40cm x 28cm with large margins, perfect for mounting for home, business, interior decorators, hotels, pubs, boardrooms and restaurants. Basutoland synonyms, Basutoland pronunciation, Basutoland translation, English dictionary definition of Basutoland. See Lesotho. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. The Gun War, also known as the Basuto War, was an 1880-1881 conflict in the British territory of Basutoland (present-day Lesotho) in Southern Africa, fought between Cape Colony forces and rebellious Basotho chiefs over the right of natives to bear arms. Although officially considered a stalemate, the final settlement favoured the Basotho.

Development and dependence in Lesotho, the enclave of South Africa

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1933, SG 8, KGV 2s6d sepia, VFM £ 21.00 Add to basket 1935, SG 11/14, 1935 Silver Jubilee set, VFU £ 14.00 Add to basket 1935, SG 14, 6d Silver Jubilee, diagonal line to left of flagstaff, VFM As the document was registered in both Basutoland and South Africa, an additional 2/- fee was payable which was receipted with a South African 2/- revenue stamp, cancelled with a bilingual revenue datestamp (1 Aug).

131. 8 This Constitution did, of course, operate in the eighteen months between the April 1965 elections and the coming of independence, with the difference that the Basutoland definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation.
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The short answer is that the inhabitants of what is now Lesotho were ornery and didn't roll over to British hegemony, so they were not included in South Africa with the more controllable people. The long version requires some background. The prec BASUTOLAND IN TRANSITION PATRICK DUNCAN A former Judicial Commissioner in Basutoland. Now Editor ofliContact," a South African liberal periodical. ON Thursday, 18 December, 19£8, the British Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, Lord Home, made a state­ ment in the House of Lords announcing that "agreement has As the document was registered in both Basutoland and South Africa, an additional 2/- fee was payable which was receipted with a South African 2/- revenue stamp, cancelled with a bilingual revenue datestamp (1 Aug).

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Nummer inom parentes vid objekt = ungefärligt antal märken. Fortskaffas utan hinder vid 6 2/3 Rd vite af Brefbaerare antyder Basutoland, Cape of Good Hope, Natal and Transvaal. 1901 tillträdde han en tid i Basutoland ( Lesotho ), som då var en del av stiftet Bloemfontein , som rektor och generalvikar för Metropolitan i kyrkan i Sydafrika provinsen i sydvästra Afrika 1916.

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This state of affairs led to increased tension, and in 1880 the Gun War broke out. The result of the conflict was that Basutoland came under direct rule from London, where it remained until its independence in 1966. Basutoland is a small landlocked country in South Africa. It is bordered by the Cape Province to the South and South-east, Natal to the North-east and the Orange Free State to the West and South-west.